Tips & FAQs

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Ladyshape bikini line shaping tools from Ladyshape, and use of the tool. We are also pleased to provide you with some useful tips on depilation.

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How should I use the bikini shaping tool?

  1. Select a model
    Choose which model best suits you: the Brazilian , a sexy Heart, or a feminine Triangle.
  2. Trim your pubic hair
    Make sure the hairs are not longer than 0,2 inch. To trim your pubic hair you can either use an electric trimmer or you could shave away all your hair, and allow it to grow back.
  3. Position the tool
    While in the shower, position the tool straight onto your pubic area just above your labia. If necessery, remove the adaptable bit of the Triangle tool.
  4. Shave away the hairs around the tool
    Brazilian: shave vertically along the tool, using, a fresh wet razor, (preferably with right angels, like the free bikini razors included in the pack) Tilt the tool a little towards the area which you do not shave. So when you are shaving on the right side of the tool, tilt the tool a little to the left and vice versa. In this way it is easier.
    Triangle: shave starting at the slanted sides of the tool or shave around the tool, using a fresh wet razor (preferably with right angles, like the free bikini razors included in the pack). Use shaving foam or gel around the tool if necessary.
    Heart: shave starting at the slanted sides of the tool or shave around the tool, using a fresh wet razor (preferably with right angles, like the free bikini razors included in the pack). Use shaving foam or gel around the tool if necessary.
  5. Remove the tool (or replace to touch up) and rinse with water.

Can the Ladyshape also be used in combination with other depilation methods such a waxing, depilatory cream or definitive methods?

The Ladyshape bikini line shaving tool was specially developed for wet shaving. We do not recommend the use of other depilation methods.

Can I also shave without water?

The bikini shaping tool is best used under the shower. The warm water makes the hairs softer, thereby further facilitating the shaving process. It is also better for your skin to wet shave, since it helps prevent skin irritation.

Do I have to shave with shaving foam?

Shaving foam is recommended for sensitive skin types but can reduce visibility and may cause the tool to slip on the skin. Many razor systems today include a gel strip that is an excellent replacement for shaving foam.

Are all razors suitable for use with the Ladyshape bikini line shaping tools?

To ensure a clean-cut shape, it is important to shave clear contours. This is best achieved with straight-edged razor blades.

How often can I use the Ladyshape bikini line shaping tool?

This will depend on how often you shave. From the point of view of hygiene we recommend replacing the tool every six months.

What is the purpose of the tightening ring on the Ladyshape, and when should it be used?

The tightening ring (or extension) ensures that the skin is stretched tight around the contours of the tool, so it does not get in the way. If you find you need to press the tool too hard to reach the hairs you wish to shave off, your skin is possibly tauter than average. Use of the tool without the tightening device may then be more comfortable.

From what material is the Ladyshape made?

The tools are produced from two types of plastic, PP and TPE.

Can the Ladyshape Tool also be used by men?

The Ladyshape was specially designed for the female pubic area. The tools are formed to follow the contours of the female body.

Depilation tips for the perfect pubic area.

•    When showering, take some time before shaving until the hair has become softer. This will make shaving more comfortable and will ensure a smoother and softer result.

•    A blunt razor causes the majority of skin irritation problems because it requires you to press harder and shave for longer to remove the hairs. Therefore always use a sharp razor. A sharp blade also guarantees the cleanest-cut contours.

•    Preferably allow the razor to slide softly over the skin, rather than applying too much pressure. This will ensure a relaxed shave and reduce the risk of skin irritation.

•    Shaving in the direction of hair growth is more comfortable but shaving against the direction of hair growth ensures an even smoother result. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can decide which method best suits you.

•    During shaving, regularly rinse the removed hairs from the head of the razor, so they do not block the razor during shaving.

•    To shave the most attractive shape, you should of course always use the Ladyshape bikini line shaping tools.

•    For a perfectly smooth finish, use shaving foam while shaving or a soothing cream after your shave.